Product and Formulation Testing - Our Experience

At Oxford Analytical we have product and formulation testing experience in all of the following areas.

Please note this list is non-exhaustive, so if something is not listed please contact us.

Botanical Active Ingredients such as plant extracts
Natural Products
Tablets (Direct Application (DT)), Water Soluble (ST), Water Dispersible (WT)
Technical Grade Materials
Plant Rodlets (PR)
Suspension Concentrates (SC)
Ready to Use (RTU) or Ultra Low Volume Preparations (UL)
Soluble Concentrate (SL)
Capsule Suspensions (CS)
Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC)
Suspo-Emulsions (SE)
Dispersible Concentrates (DC)
Oil-in water Emulsions (EW)
Micro Emulsions (ME)
Oil Dispersions (OD)
Aerosols (AE)
Granules (GR) and Water Dispersible Granules (WDG)
Wettable (WP), Dustable (DP) and Emulsifiable (EP) Powders
Baits – Concentrates (CB), and Ready to use (RB)
Smoke Generators (FU) and Fogging Concentrates (HN/KN)
Gels (GL, GD, GW)

Chemist working in the lab at Oxford Analytical Services Limited

Our Services

New regulations around Biocides came into place in 2012 . We have since therefore worked with industry to support registration needs conducting 5 batch analysis, routine testing, storage stability, physical testing and more on a wide range of Biocides.

Biostimulants are a wonderful new way to protect our plants and wildlife by using nature to protect itself. They are natural substances harnessed for their characteristics. After that they are developed into products that can be applied to seeds, plants and soils in order to stimulate natural growth. 

We have worked with consultants and direct customers for many years supporting their Agrochemical registration testing requirements under global regulations. Find out more here

Here you can find details of our work with Storage Stability

Here you can find details of our work with Physical & Chemical Testing

Here you can find details of our work with Method Development & Validation