Our Values at Oxford Analytical

We work to our 4 key values in everything that we do at Oxford Analytical. That is to say these values link together and drive our strategy for growth and development.

One does not exist without the other and therefore each is a vital part of our core delivery.

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Our people come first.

Therefore we look after our people at all levels, working with agile methodology to give everybody a voice and make sure everybody counts.

Our people are valued because they are what makes our business.

We also have a team of highly skilled individuals covering a diverse range of scientific, business and quality skills.

Most importantly the company wants to retain and nurture them, therefore allowing them to develop to their full potential.

Above all we work to a get it right first-time system, but we also understand people will make mistakes from time to time. We are only human – therefore we encourage our people to learn from those mistakes and grow from them.

To sum up, this value means our team support each other too. They are also motivated and strong, and we are very proud of each and every one of them.


Our customers are what drives our business. They keep us going, which therefore means that we can invest in growth and look after our people.

In addition we strive to work flexibly with our customers to meet their needs in an ever-changing environment. Furthermore product regulation is constantly changing and we understand this poses challenges to our customers.

Also the world is going greener; we need to protect our natural resources. To support this, we develop new agile ways of working, striving to provide continuous support to meet the needs of our customers.

In conclusion our customers are both those who provide us with work, and those who we provide work to – our suppliers. We build strong relationships with our stakeholders to ensure a smooth and continuous supply chain.


Quality isn’t just how we do things – it’s what we do, and therefore we are good at it.

Our work is compliant to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and we also plan to develop into other standards over time. In the same vein we use agile and lean ways of working to get the best from the business. This as a result drives our quality standards, giving our people a sense of achievement (and a great looking Linkedin profile!).

Our quality standards give our customers reassurance that we will provide a flexible, highly skilled technical service at an incredibly high standard.
Moreover we plan to develop our systems and bring quality into the digital age, making use of the best software development teams to align quality, data integrity, efficiency and customer service into one streamlined system.

Sustainable Investment

Every business needs to ensure the future by making sensible and ethical decisions in everything they do.

Our values encompass this by ensuring that we consider these values in every decision we make – at all levels.

We have plans to invest and grow extensively over the next 5-10 years and in doing so have set goals to cut our carbon footprint, take measures to recycle our hard to recycle waste, scrutinise our supply chains and do everything we can to protect our future generations.

Keep an eye on our latest news blog for updates on what we are doing next!