Physical & Chemical Testing

We have a broad knowledge of physical and chemical testing methods for determining the physical / chemical properties of formulated products.

We follow methodology such as:


We also create our own methods and SOPs for bespoke purposes.

Tests may be required for REACh, PPP, BPR or other guidelines. 

The full range of tests we have available and conducted on a routine basis is extensive and includes parameters such as:

pH & Acidity/Alkalinity
Pourability & Pourability
Viscosity & Surface Tension
Titrations of most kinds
Wet Sieving & Wettability
Moisture Content (Karl Fischer Titration)
Active ingredient Suspensibility and Spontaneity of Dispersion
Appearance, weight change, Trigger Performance, Sprayability
Adhesion to seeds or dissolution of water soluble bags
Explosive and Oxidising Properties
Flash Point and Flammability
Sulphated Ash & Loss on Drying/Ignition
Bulk, Tap & Relative Density
Low Temperature Cycling and Stability
Dilution & Emulsion Stability
Corrosivity/Corrosion Properties
Effectiveness of Cleaning Procedures

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Flowability & Miscibility
Friability and Attrition, Dust Content, Dry Sieving
Particle Size Distribution (Gravimetric or Laser Diffraction)
Tablet integrity, Disintegration and Dissolution)
Solubility (Water or Solvents)
Partition Co-efficient & Dissociation Constant

This list is not exhaustive.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our services include:

New regulations around Biocides came into place in 2012 . We have since therefore worked with industry to support registration needs conducting 5 batch analysis, routine testing, storage stability, physical testing and more on a wide range of Biocides.

Biostimulants are a wonderful new way to protect our plants and wildlife by using nature to protect itself. They are natural substances harnessed for their characteristics. After that they are developed into products that can be applied to seeds, plants and soils in order to stimulate natural growth. 

We have worked with consultants and direct customers for many years supporting their Agrochemical registration testing requirements under global regulations. Find out more here

We can design storage stability studies with or without GLP accreditation under the Biocides, Plant Protection, or ICH guidelines to support registration around the world. Find out more here

Need data for registration or a safety data sheet?

From explosive properties through to partition co-efficient, we cover a wider range of physical tests and can also develop our own in-house methods for novel experiments.

We use a range of methods from CIPAC, ASTM, ISO, OPPTS, OECD and more to meet global regulatory requirements. Find out more here

We can cover elemental to extremely low levels. For instance if you just need to identify, quantify, or fully validate a method. Our ICP systems cover a wide range of elements often working on 10+ elements at the same time. 

We regularly work on Silver, Lead, Arsenic, Chromium, Cadmium, Mercury, Copper, Boron and Sodium to name a few. Our list of capabilities stretches much longer! Find out more here

We can carry out impurity profiling, product screening, method validation and 5 batch analysis or Technical Equivalence studies to meet your registration needs. Our team develop tailored methods for your products and can also support with structural identification requirements.

We have many years of experience with successful studies over many compounds from Citric Acid to Pyrethrins covering elemental impurities, isomers, and additives of all types. 

Whether your product is a TC, or TK we can help. Find out more here

We have been developing tailored methods at affordable prices for many years. Our chemists have developed thousands of methods over the years from simple single actives to complex products covering a wide range of levels and product types. 

We can also validate already developed methods or support you through your own method development journey via consultation.

Our validation expertise covers global requirements including SANCO/3030/99, SANTE/2020/12830 and ICH Q2, OPPTS 830.1800 and APVMA among others. Find out more here

The fertiliser market is well established but under scrutiny with the introduction of new regulations demanding more rigorous testing and reducing acceptable levels of elements. 

We are one of few labs that can offer the full suite of Fertiliser testing including Inorganic Arsenic, and Chromium VI. Find out more here

Need routine quality checks, one offs or concerned about contamination?

New regulations to meet? We often take on complex novel projects and it is what we are known for! Our chemists enjoy doing something different! Find out more here

Need a reasoned case for a regulator? Trying to develop a product or a method? See what our chemists and consultants can do to help. Find out more here