Career in Chemistry at Oxford Analytical Services Ltd

Do you want to join a fun, dynamic and diverse team of people, and also have a great career in chemistry?

Oxford Analytical Services Ltd work to keep talent. We believe we are a people first organisation. We have a lot to offer all levels. Our work is niche and diverse across many instruments, wet and physical chemistry techniques. As well as a strong management, safety and regulatory background. We want to get the best from each individual. We enjoy watching them develop and grow at any level. Our managers still learn as much as our technicians because learning never ends for us!

There are always new chemistry challenges, sustainability initiatives and of course regulatory changes to keep us engaged

Current Vacancies at Oxford Analytical Services Ltd

Study Director

As part of our growth strategy we are looking to add an experienced Study Director to our team of scientists who support our clients in ensuring studies are delivered to a high level of quality. Join the Oxford Analytical Services family as a Study Director!
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Graduate Technician / Analyst

As part of our growth strategy we are looking to add graduate Technicians / Analysts to our experienced team of analytical scientists who support our clients in ensuring studies are delivered to a high level of quality. Join the Oxford Analytical Services family as a Graduate Technician / Analyst!
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If you are aiming for a great career in chemistry. If you are hard working and have a good attention to detail we want to hear from you. Whatever level you may be at in your career.

We are always keen to hear from talented individuals. Therefore if you have any of the following skills or experience, please send your CV to us.

If we have a suitable job opening then we will be in touch. Furthermore in the event we aren’t currently recruiting, we’ll keep your CV on file for a period of 6 months. In addition we will then let you know if something comes up.

Typical Roles at Oxford Analytical Services Ltd

An entry level role for a chemistry graduate with little or no practical experience. You would start out with basic laboratory housekeeping duties supporting the team with preparation of solutions, physical/chemical testing and learning about managing laboratory waste  and safety procedures.

You would start on a path of development and could easily progress through the stages. We want you to stay for many years!

You will have had some experience in a laboratory setting and have achieved your bachelors in Chemistry. Ideally you have experience with some of the following:

IC, ICP-OES, HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, GC-FID, GC-Headspace, Wet chemistry such as titrations, physical chemical testing (CIPAC methodology).

You understand safety processes and can work independently and confidently on some of the above, but you would like to further develop your skills learning about other techniques whilst doing your day job.

If you have worked in a regulated laboratory setting such as GLP or GMP that is a bonus but not essential. You will join our training programme and we will cover any gaps to develop you to a senior level.5 Batch Analysis and Formulation Storage Stability

A strong chemistry background and experience with method development and validation (ideally in line with SANCO/3030/99 Rev 5) are needed. This is as well as understanding a number of instrumental techniques (as listed in analyst above). You will join our training programme, but will confidently step into the lab where you are experienced.  Where you can work independently on developing methods, running equipment and communicating both internally and externally working on some projects with full responsibility, either alone or in groups.

Ideally, you will also ideally have some experience in a regulated setting understanding about raw data and data integrity.

You will be able to use chromatography software packages confidently. These include (or similar to) openlab 2.4, synigistix, magicnet, masshunter setting up calibrations and calculations. Also strong excel and word skills are needed for this role too. These are required to be able to generate complex calculations and produce high quality reports.
Confident in training junior staff and also willing to carry out any other laboratory work required, including housekeeping, wet chemistry and physical testing to a high standard.

You are confident in what you know but can follow instructions and are keen to learn and develop in other areas.

Our work complies with GLP and compliance is key in what we do, every study follows a series of procedures so you need to be comfortable following controlled procedures. Ideally you want to progress to a GLP Study Director Level.

Are you an experienced GLP Study Director?

If you meet some of the below, we would love to hear from you!

Experience working with agrochemicals – Pesticides/ Biocides/ Biostimulants/Veterinary Medicines/Physical/chemical (CIPAC testing)

Method Development and Validation ideally according to SANCO/3030/ 99 Rev 5

Experience at a high level with various instrumental techniques and software such as HPLC-UV/DAD, IC, ICP-OES, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, GC-FID, GC-Headspace, FT-IR, UV, Particle Size using Openlab, MagicNet, Syngistix, Masshunter.

Experience of developing chromatography software to carry out calibration and calculations.

Good with word and excel for calculations and report presentation.

Strong people skills to communicate with customers, strong project management skills to manage work to deadlines.

You will have a good deal of experience and a willingness to learn about the wider regulations that govern our customers needs, as well as have a strong chemistry background that will mange the future of sustainable chemistry and support development of greener methods using more sustainable chemicals.

We can offer Management development support and commercial business skills too if you would like to develop your skills further.

Oxford Analytical Services is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our workforce, and eliminating unlawful discrimination.

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