White Paper: Can Sustainability and Chemistry Coexist?

Can Sustainability and Chemistry Coexist?

The chemical industry is one of the world’s top contributors to global carbon emissions, but does chemistry have a vital role to play in our fight against climate change?

Oxford Analytical, GLP testing laboratory with over three decades of industry experience, takes an honest look at the state of the chemical industry in a time that calls for sustainable practices.

As the world demands sustainability lands high on our priority lists, before it’s too late, this white paper aims to provide an overview of the key issues facing the chemical industry regarding sustainability, climate change, and carbon emissions.

Throughout the white paper we explore the chemical industry’s relationship with sustainability, energy, how the industry is tackling carbon emissions, and its role in fighting climate change. Furthermore, we discuss the current state of affairs, and most importantly, what can be done to support the worldwide circular economy call-to-action!

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