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We are investing!

We are investing!

Introducing HPLC-ICP-MS

After new ownership only last year we have already made commitments to:

  • Upgrade our ICP-OES to a brand new Agilent model with many more options than we had before
  • Buy a brand new ICP-MS which is a first for OAS and will give us capabilities to analyse elements at significantly lower levels than we could before

To this ICP-MS we will couple an HPLC and some advanced software that will allow us to provide elemental speciation for Arsenic and Chromium.


With the new fertiliser regulations and many regulatory authorities fast learning about the different species of these metals, it is no wonder the requirements are being tightened.

Did you know that only certain types of Arsenic and Chromium are toxic?

This is why speciation matters. It will separate those species and quantify them individually so you can determine an accurate level of toxicity (or hopefully safety) of your products.

There has been a push for this in the food industry for a whole and it is now moving across to fertilisers and will soon become a standard part of every analysis.

The team here are very excited to see these new pieces of kit installed in August 2022 and we already have established knowledge in house as well as methods developed ready to run!

There will be further updates with details on speciation and the technology we will use in the coming weeks. Please keep close to find out more!

We are investing!

Other investments this year

We are upgrading our chromatography systems to maintain the latest technology supporting our compliant digitisation process and further increasing our ability to improve efficiency using technology.

We also plan to upgrade our triple quad software to the latest version and upgrade our NIST libraries to be able to offer the widest possible scope of compound identification at low levels.

Our GC-FID will be coupled to our Headspace which will open our capabilities around the analysis of volatiles and make that a much smoother process.


These are just the start of our planned investments!

Please watch this space and follow our social media for regular updates, or contact us to see how we can support your analysis needs.

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