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Testing of Terpenes - GLP

Terpenes are used as active ingredients of pesticides in agriculture.

Terpenoids are a class of phytochemicals derived from terpenes which have additional functional groups, often including oxygen or cyclic structures.

Terpenes are a class of natural products consisting of compounds with the formula (C5H8)n. Comprising more than 30,000 compounds, these unsaturated hydrocarbons are produced predominantly by plants, particularly conifers.

Terpenes are further classified by the number of carbons: monoterpenes (C10), sesquiterpenes (C15), diterpenes (C20), etc. A well known monoterpene is alpha-pinene, a major component of turpentine.

The most common approach to terpenes analysis is headspace gas chromatography (GC) with flame ionization detection (FID), mass spectrometry (MS), or both (FID/MS).

How can we help with your testing requirements?

We have established methods for products containing various Terpenes. 

Whether single actives or part of something more complex we can develop and validate methods to support your registration requirements.

Helping you through the Biocidal Products Regulations to be able to market your product and providing stability and safety data through various physical and chemical testing.

These tests can all be done in compliance with GLP where required, and if the formal certification is not required you can still rest assured that all of our processes are carried out following the same high-quality standards even when outside of GLP.

We partner with consultants and other laboratories to support additional testing requirements too – so if we can’t do it, we will help you find someone who can through our trusted network.

Please contact us for further discussion of your particular Terpenes testing requirements.

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