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Our specialist consultancy services

Our specialist consultancy services

We are more than just a lab here at OAS. 

We have chemists and we have experts in Quality Assurance from both GLP and GMP backgrounds.


Our chemists love a challenge so when they are not glued to a lab bench they are researching and developing a library of information to share.

We figured it made sense to help others too.


We have a range of chemists who can support you, organic, inorganic, environmental. 

Usually, our chemistry consultancy services are remote and theoretical, but we are a lab and can always help on site too. If you don’t have the equipment you need, or something has broken down.

There is nothing stopping us travelling to you, but you can imagine it comes with a bit more of a cost.

Our charges are bespoke, and it really depends on the complexity of the situation and how much support you need. We would usually have a few emails or a short call at no charge to understand firstly, if we can help you. No harm in reaching out and asking, initial consultation is free!

We can offer one off cost or a fixed monthly fee for different packages of advice entirely dependent on what you need. Prices start from £50 per hour but can be a fixed rate for a custom project or set on a daily, weekly, or monthly rate based on your requirements.


We can also support with consultancy from a quality perspective too. We work to GLP and have a great QA team that can offer you advice on a rolling contract or one-off basis.

Please do get in touch if you need some support.

We can offer simple packages that provide email support, or we can be available on the phone, Teams and even site visit if you like.

Costs vary based on your specific needs. Please get in touch.


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