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How do you stand out as a micro CRO?

How do you stand out as a micro CRO

Flexibility & Efficiency 

At OAS we appreciate that customers have deadlines, regulatory queries, submission gaps etc, and they all come with varying timelines attached.

We are a small team, but we have developed our skills to be as flexible as we possibly can to support our customers meet those deadlines.

We do have ambitions to grow, but we don’t plan to grow to a point where we lose that flexibility. We have heard from many customers that some of the larger labs cannot accommodate work for up to a year. 

We aim to start in a matter of weeks, and we let you know exactly what we need to achieve that. 

We have turned around screening and validation through to complete 5 batch analysis in a matter of weeks. 

We know our strengths, and we work on our weaknesses. We have a great and diverse team that bounce beautifully off one another. If someone is struggling, they speak up, and we resolve it as a team.

This keeps us efficient; it keeps us ahead. The entire team are recruited around our values so at their core qualities are a perfect match to our operations.

Learning and growth Team Culture

The team we have recruited this past year have developed so quickly and we are so very proud to see them progress.

The entire team has so many unique skills and abilities, they are adaptable, headstrong, determined and they succeed. 

We live to learn and grow, and the team are involved every step of the way. They get to showcase their skills and talents and learn from each other as well as external sources.

We have really worked hard on our training programme to maintain a consistent learning pattern and ensure we have multi skilled staff that can jump in as needed to any given project.

There are always regulatory changes, and we do our best to keep ahead. We trial internal methods for new requirements such as Chromium VI, Inorganic Arsenic, Quats etc to stay a step ahead when the rules are changing.

How do you stand out as a micro CRO?


It isn’t just about GLP compliance. It is about quality customer service delivery and getting it right first time.

We want our reports to breeze through the regulators to make life simple and efficient for our customers, and our history of report amendments is exceedingly low.

We work hard on processes of continuous improvement and are never afraid to question whether something could be done better.

Quality is not just about ticking QA boxes, it is about the results, the data, the presentation, and the knowledge that goes into what we do. It is the satisfaction of a job superbly done!

The team work to a high standard and check each other’s work as part of the routine day. When it comes to the QA check, we expect it to be a breeze.

Everything that does get picked up gets a full consideration, not just a quick fix but a prevention and a common-sense approach to learning and growth.

Personal Touch – we work with you

Many of the larger labs won’t provide a personalised service because their model is flat. That’s fine, that’s how they grew and that works for them. 

What it means is you must know exactly what you need, and how, before they will give you a quote. If you are not sure, and the quote is wrong it could be a waste of cost and time. 

We have picked up challenges for customers with data gaps because the work wasn’t commissioned correctly. We do what we can to work through challenges you face and if it is new to us, we are happy to give things a go at no or little cost. We won’t commit if we don’t know that we can deliver.

We do our very best to understand the regulations you are working to so that we can support you in designing studies that are built for the right purpose. If we don’t know the answer, we will tell you, and we also work closely with several consultants who can advise. 

How do you stand out as a micro CRO

Not being afraid of the unusual

Sometimes we have enquiries around contamination sources, chemical incompatibility, complex impurities or structures, unclassified formulation types or products that sit on the border of multiple regulations.

We don’t shy away from a challenge. After all we are a team of chemists!

The big labs like the repetitive work because it’s tried and tested, quick and easy. We do the novel, bespoke projects, and if they are supporting a sustainable cause then ever better!

We have been involved in some fascinating projects – though of course customer confidentiality is also highly important, so I am unable to disclose too many details. 

We have developed our methodology to be able to analyse many new natural compounds and have become experts in the likes of elements, Rapeseed Oil and Pyrethins.

Customer Values

We build relationships with our customers. You talk directly to the team at all levels, from the analyst doing the work, to your own Study Director, the senior Management and for those we work on multi-site studies with, direct communication with our QA team too.

No hiding behind sales teams, or project leaders. 

We are very proud to have built long lasting relationships with many of our customers and we work as a team to answer their questions and complete their projects as smoothly as possible.

We will always help as much as we possibly can in every situation. Even if we can’t help, we will always try our hardest to find someone who can.

Our customers return again and again because we deliver.

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