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Fertiliser Regulation changes

Fertiliser Regulation changes

Regulation EU n°2019/1009 (FPR)

With the introduction of new regulations governing elements and Phosphonates amongst other things within all fertilisers from or to the EU it has created a minefield for importers, exporters, manufacturers, and producers everywhere.

These regulations affect existing products and companies are now expected to certify the presence of specific compounds or elements below a certain level.

We understand the need for this based on data demonstrating that these compounds or elements of interest are known to be toxic at certain levels, to people, to wildlife, to nature.

However, with the issue of regulations and little in the way of published methodology for certain aspects it leaves a lot of questions from companies over what they really need to do to ensure their sales are not affected.

We can help with advice and analysis based on your product and are working closely with an expert consultancy to ensure the right gaps are covered or argued.

We can offer the full suite of tests required under these regulations in a simple a cost-effective manner and will work with you so that you only analyse what is essential for your product certification.

Many labs can offer some of the tests and many do so already routinely for actives such as NPK, and standard elements.

Oxford Analytical Services can offer the simple to the complex including Chromium VI and Inorganic Arsenic.

We have designed our own internal methods to do this in a simple manner which is acceptable under these regulations.

Although some standards have been published the regulations clearly state they are not essential to use. Our internal methods will provide a quick result in a high-quality environment, and if you really need it we can perform the analysis to GLP (though this hasn’t been requested yet, we foresee that new registration are likely to require it down the line).

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