Physical & Chemical Testing

We have a comprehensive knowledge of physical and chemical analysis methods for determining the Physical / Chemical properties of formulated products.

The full range of tests we have available and conducted on a routine basis is extensive and includes parameters such as:

surface tension
persistent foam
wet sieving
moisture determination
active ingredient suspensibility
appearance, weight change

This list is not exhaustive and we can offer many other services including third party services.

We can offer testing packages to meet guidelines based on your formulation type(s) which may include storage stability, REACH or QC testing, or may just be a one off stand-alone study.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Services

Agrochemical & Biocides

Details of our work with Agrochemicals & Biocides
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Metals & Impurities

Details of our work with Metals & Impurities
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Storage Stability

Details of our work on Storage Stability studies in support of registration
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5 Batch Analysis

Details on our work performing 5 Batch Analysis, Screening & Impurity Profiling
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Method Development & Validation

Details on our Method Development & Validation services
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Physical & Chemical Testing

Details of our excellent knowledge of Physical and Chemical analysis methods
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Quality Control Testing

Details on our work performing GLP compliant Quality Control Testing
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