QC (Quality Control) Testing

Are you looking to outsource your biocide, pesticide and other quality control testing needs?

Do you manufacture small or large amounts of biocides, pesticides, bio-stimulants or other chemicals and require your samples to be independently tested for quality?

Oxford Analytical Service offer QC studies with a quick turnaround that just look at the contents, or we can include physical characteristics if required.

These studies don’t usually require a formal GLP compliance statement, however they will still be carried out using the same quality system providing results you can rely on.

We can also complete these studies to GLP if this is what you need.

Prices are bespoke based on your requirements and dependent on the turnaround required.

Our Methods and Standards

Oxford Analytical Services provide reference standards where commercially available and are able to analyse from one sample up to hundreds of samples at a time.

We have a number of in-house tried and tested methods, alternatively we can use published methods such as CIPAC or Sponsor supplied methods.

No method, No problem… Our highly trained team are capable of developing methods for you if one is not available.  You can even include multiple actives, impurities and trace metals.

Whatever your biocide, pesticide or other quality control testing requirements, Oxford Analytical Services can help.

Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss your requirement.

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